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Easy installation of WordPress on OS X

Strangely enough, there aren’t any simple, single-page walkthroughs of how to set up a complete WordPress installation on the client version of OS X. You have to bounce between several pages on how to enable PHP, install and configure MySQL, and install and set up WordPress. Having managed to figure it out once, I’m gonna do another install of it on my MacBook and document the process using as many GUI tools as possible (Sequel Pro is AWESOME). Hopefully I’ll have it all written up by the weekend; planning on posting it on Applefritter (as well as here, probably).

UPDATE: Damn, only took me like an hour to go through all the steps and document them roughly. Was able to pare down a lot of steps and nano beats the pants off of vi for file editing in Terminal. Took some screen shots too. Hopefully will get the polished guide up tonight.

UPDATE 2: Got the walkthrough posted on Applefritter, plan to eventually get it on here as well:


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