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Steve Jobs is cranky

Just read this article, and it speaks volumes.

Normally I stay away from Gawker, Inc. owned sites, because Gizmodo really, really pissed me off about a year ago and the whole company is pretty arrogant (more on that in the blog post I promised earlier). But the e-mail exchange in the story is balanced out by Steve Jobs’ own arrogance.

I just fired this e-mail off to Jobs:

I know you hate bloggers, but really, “By the way, what have you done that’s so great?” So until he becomes as famous as you or Apple, he has no business criticizing? What if he’s a stockholder? Shouldn’t stockholders have the right to criticize if they feel that their investment is at risk?

You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

Also, a thought: So the iPhone/iPod/iPad are content consumption devices. If they’re what’s going to replace PCs as you suggest, what will all of the content be created on? I certainly hope that the Mac isn’t going anywhere, and that OS X will remain as open as it currently is.

We’ll see what happens. Probably nothing.


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