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Yes, I’m still here

When I started a blog, I told myself that I really needed to get in the habit of updating it at least once a week. I figured it would be a great outlet for my writing skills and also allow me to offer my own unabashed opinion on various topics. While I have plenty of ideas rattling around in my head that I’d love to write about, sadly I still have a day job to go to, and my evenings have become increasingly busy for no obvious reason. I’ll do my best to bang out a real blog post on…um…something…this weekend.

In the meantime, here’s what’s been on my mind in convenient bullet form:

  • Telcos still suck. Comcast jacked my bill by over $50 a month, so I called them up to play the I-want-to-keep-my-promo-rate game, and this time they decided they didn’t want to play. So I’m dumping cable TV, and we’ll see just how long my wife can tolerate broadcast TV and streaming Netflix as her only entertainment options. (I’m guessing two months at most.)
  • I’ve been getting back into playing the piano a bit. This is pretty hard since I don’t have a piano at home, just Pro Keys on my iPad. So by “getting back into playing the piano” I guess I mean that I’ve been “picking out the melodies to songs,” most of which have been Hikaru Utada songs. Maybe Santa will bring me a nice 61-key semi-weighted USB MIDI controller for Christmas this year?
  • My refrigerator’s icemaker stopped working a couple weeks ago. The mechanism itself worked; it tried to pour water into the tray, freeze it, and eject it as usual, but only 2 cubes’ worth of water was actually making it into the tray. Turns out it was due to a clogged valve on the back of the fridge, where the water supply line connects. The valve opens and closes on a timer, letting just the right amount of water into the tray to fill it. If it’s clogged, the water flows much slower through it so ultimately less water makes it to the tray. It’s a $30 part and easily replaceable. What’s an even better solution? Install an icemaker water filter to keep the valve from getting clogged to begin with.
  • I bought a Nikon D90 body from Amazon, brand new, for $750. I like it quite a bit.
  • The ants are back in my kitchen, and I’m f*cking pissed about it.

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