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The most awesome snowblower ever

We got a crap ton of snow here in the Twin Cities last weekend, which we’re still digging out from. My neighborhood uses a Bobcat to clear our streets and driveways, and it was out again tonight…sporting an implement I haven’t seen it use before. Normally it just has the bucket on the front, and it scrapes all the snow from the driveways into the street and a truck with a plow blade pushes it away. Tonight it had a snowblower attachment on it. Big deal, you say, you can buy snowblower attachment for lawn tractors. Except this time, the snowblower was on the Bobcat’s arm, so the driver could not only tilt it, but raise and lower it. Check out the video of the guy attacking a giant snow pile from 10 feet in the air.

Also, Metrodome/Vikings rant coming soon, stay tuned.


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