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Los Angeles 2012

Spent a little time in Los Angeles last week. Aside from hanging out at Newport Beach, there was an interesting theme to the trip…

Mitsuwa, Costa Mesa.

Wish I could have this for lunch every day.

This is good in concept, but not so great in execution. Plus, I didn’t see a Calpico-flavored version.

Japanese ingenuity.

I got mistaken for a native Californian by a couple from Piladelphia at In-N-Out.

Little Tokyo, downtown LA.

ANOTHER grocery store? Yep, Marukai in Little Tokyo.

Kinokuniya, just upstairs from Marukai. Been here before and we always end up buying a bunch of stuff.

Couldn’t help myself. They didn’t have Mio unfortunately. This series of figures is discontinued so the price is actually quite decent. Still, one has to be a pretty die-hard K-On fan to drop this much on a figure…

At another store. Perhaps this is what is used on parents who don’t follow the sign.


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