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Undoing Ordered Chapters, Part 3: Attaching Fonts



Here’s yet another problem I recently ran across when dealing with MKV files and subtitles. I had separate video and subtitle files that I needed to combine into one so I could run them through Handbrake, but when I checked out the final file, the subtitles were nowhere to be found. Thus, another lesson in dealing with MKV files is in order.

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Undoing Ordered Chapters, Part 2: Fixing Broken Subtitles


If you’ve read my previous post on this topic, undoing ordered chapters (properly known as “segment linking”) in MKV files is a bit of a pain. I just recently noticed a problem with one particular series that I was trying to fix, in that the subtitles would look like crap after being run through UnlinkMKV (and before any other processing was done, such as conversion to MP4 in HandBrake). The subtitles looked fine before the files were fixed; what was the deal?

It took me some tinkering but I managed to figure it all out. The steps and screen shots lie ahead for OS X users.

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Undoing Ordered Chapters in MKV Files on OS X

…aka “fixing fansubbed anime files so you can play them properly.”

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