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Yep, I’m a Wise Guy Alright


Die-hard, old-school Mac fans may recognize this mug. And such fans probably also realize just how incredibly rare they are. I’m lucky enough to have one — and I didn’t buy it, I earned it.

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Upgrading a 2011 iMac — The Real Story


Plenty of step-by-step guides exist for this machine, and this article is long enough already, so I’m not going to go too in-depth into the process. But what a lot of the guides omit is what you’ll actually face when you crack the machine open, or offering advice on what parts to buy. Here’s my take.

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DIY iPhone tripod mount

There are a number of iPhone tripod mount cases out there, generally ranging from $15 up to $50 or more. If you don’t plan on needing one often enough to warrant spending that kind of money (remember what Alton Brown says: Unitaskers are evil!), or need one in a pinch, I’ve come up with a solution that costs all of about 50 cents, provided you already have a spare iPhone case.

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Yes, I’m still here – November 2011 edition

It’s been another month or so, so that means I need to blog again. It’s a good thing I don’t get paid to do this, because if I got paid by the post, I’d be very, very poor right now.

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How to get a Japanese Apple keyboard in the US

Click to see biggie size.

So, I decided that I’m gonna go full steam ahead with learning Japanese. I figured that since last winter’s project of studying for (and getting) a CCNA went successfully, there’s no reason not to do it again. IP is kind of a language anyway, and to some people is equally confusing as Japanese is.

Obviously Japanese isn’t a Roman-based language. It has multiple character sets, some of them phonetic, some symbolic of entire words, and all of them completely new to me. It’s not like learning French where you can become familiar with the pronunciation and then be able to repeat verbally everything you read (even though you may not know what any of it means). You’re learning the alphabet all over again.

Since written language is just as important as spoken words, I figured I might as well familiarize myself as best I can with what I’m getting myself into. A Japanese keyboard, which has both English letters and Japanese hiragana characters on the keycaps, made sense to me as a good start.

If only I could find one.

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On bloggers, journalistic integrity, and the stolen iPhone debacle

As promised:

Pretty much everyone who follows tech news knows at least the basics of the story about the stolen iPhone prototype.

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Steve Jobs is cranky

Just read this article, and it speaks volumes.

Normally I stay away from Gawker, Inc. owned sites, because Gizmodo really, really pissed me off about a year ago and the whole company is pretty arrogant (more on that in the blog post I promised earlier). But the e-mail exchange in the story is balanced out by Steve Jobs’ own arrogance.

I just fired this e-mail off to Jobs:

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Apple needs to lose in order to win

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a big fan of Apple. All of my computers at home are Macs, I have an iPhone and have had more iPods than I can remember. I bought an iPad on launch day. I even collect rare vintage Macs, including the Color Classic and PowerBook 2400.

These days, though, Apple is losing me.

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