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Fixing a Completely Dead LG Refrigerator


While heading out to work one day last week, I went to grab a cup of yogurt from the fridge to find that it was completely dead. No interior light, no control panel lights, no fan or compressor. This concerned me as our LG refrigerator is only about 5 years old (and was pretty expensive when we bought it, $1500). I had no time to diagnose the problem right away, but vowed to figure it out when I got home. Here’s how I revived my fridge and saved $350 in the process.

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Art Project 2012: The Great Wave Home Office

After checking out Edo Pop at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and seeing an actual print of The Great Wave off Kanagawa, I finally realized what I needed to do with the boring long wall in my home office.

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I’m ready for stuff to just work for a while

I had a bad weekend.

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Ants made me renovate my pantry

I’m a fan of Triscuits. They’re not as awesome as, say, Cheez-Its, but they’re pretty tasty. I grabbed a new box of Triscuits out of the pantry tonight and took it upstairs to snack on while surfing. I tore open the bag and ate a few, then set it down on my desk. A few moments later, I look down and see a solitary pavement ant scurrying towards my keyboard.

Oh hell no.

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