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Upgrading a 2011 iMac — The Real Story


Plenty of step-by-step guides exist for this machine, and this article is long enough already, so I’m not going to go too in-depth into the process. But what a lot of the guides omit is what you’ll actually face when you crack the machine open, or offering advice on what parts to buy. Here’s my take.

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2011 iMac Hard Drive Temp Sensor Explained


Apple has always pushed the envelope when it comes to hardware design, especially when it comes to the level of noise that its computers produce. There’s been at least a few models that have even shipped without internal fans just to make the machine as quiet as possible (often to the detriment of reliability). Starting with the original aluminum iMacs, Apple began monitoring the temperature of the internal hard drive so that the system’s internal fan could be optimized. The level of complexity with which this system operates has increased with every model, and reached its ultimate with the Mid-2011 iMacs. Mass confusion and anger spread across the Internet once an inkling of what was going on was discovered, but so far I’ve seen no single, definitive explanation of exactly how the system works. I recently picked up the Samsung SSD seen above and decided that there was no better time to tackle this issue, since it would be one I’d have to deal with on my own iMac. Read on.

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