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Emergency Cell Phone Battery Recharger

We had some severe storms roll through the metro area a couple of weeks ago, and something like 500,000 people lost power. The storm came on a Friday evening, and due to a number of downed trees we had no power in our area until Saturday night. Our iPhones had enough charge to last through Friday night, but by Saturday morning they were almost dead. Sure, we could have just driven around town with the phones plugged into the car until they were juiced back up, but that’s a waste and there weren’t many places we could have gone that still had power. So, with a trip to one place that still had power — the hardware store — I was able to rig up a beefy phone recharger that we could use at home.

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DIY iPhone tripod mount

There are a number of iPhone tripod mount cases out there, generally ranging from $15 up to $50 or more. If you don’t plan on needing one often enough to warrant spending that kind of money (remember what Alton Brown says: Unitaskers are evil!), or need one in a pinch, I’ve come up with a solution that costs all of about 50 cents, provided you already have a spare iPhone case.

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Yes, I’m still here – November 2011 edition

It’s been another month or so, so that means I need to blog again. It’s a good thing I don’t get paid to do this, because if I got paid by the post, I’d be very, very poor right now.

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Everyone shut up about the iPhone on Verizon already

I just ran across this article, and it seriously has me shaking my head. For the TL;DR crowd, the story basically surmises that the manufacturing delay for the white iPhone 4 is actually due to the fact it’s going to be the CDMA iPhone that Verizon will carry soon. I have officially decided that I will never buy an iPhone on Verizon simply because I am sick and tired of all the frenzied clamoring that the uninformed masses have to get away from AT&T.

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Why telcos are evil (hint: it’s because of the customers)

Source: Edgadget

With the announcement this week of AT&T Wireless increasing its ETFs on smartphones, I got to thinking about telcos again. I’ve always hated them; in fact, I pretty much hate any company that is responsible for moving information from one place to another (I’m looking at you, Comcast). Telcos are large, lumbering organizations that are very customer-unfriendly, offering overpriced services with spotty quality and brainless customer service. I think I’ve figured out why this is, though.

It’s the fault of us, the consumers.

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Apple needs to lose in order to win

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a big fan of Apple. All of my computers at home are Macs, I have an iPhone and have had more iPods than I can remember. I bought an iPad on launch day. I even collect rare vintage Macs, including the Color Classic and PowerBook 2400.

These days, though, Apple is losing me.

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