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Undoing Ordered Chapters, Part 2: Fixing Broken Subtitles


If you’ve read my previous post on this topic, undoing ordered chapters (properly known as “segment linking”) in MKV files is a bit of a pain. I just recently noticed a problem with one particular series that I was trying to fix, in that the subtitles would look like crap after being run through UnlinkMKV (and before any other processing was done, such as conversion to MP4 in HandBrake). The subtitles looked fine before the files were fixed; what was the deal?

It took me some tinkering but I managed to figure it all out. The steps and screen shots lie ahead for OS X users.

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Upgrading a 2011 iMac — The Real Story


Plenty of step-by-step guides exist for this machine, and this article is long enough already, so I’m not going to go too in-depth into the process. But what a lot of the guides omit is what you’ll actually face when you crack the machine open, or offering advice on what parts to buy. Here’s my take.

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2011 iMac Hard Drive Temp Sensor Explained


Apple has always pushed the envelope when it comes to hardware design, especially when it comes to the level of noise that its computers produce. There’s been at least a few models that have even shipped without internal fans just to make the machine as quiet as possible (often to the detriment of reliability). Starting with the original aluminum iMacs, Apple began monitoring the temperature of the internal hard drive so that the system’s internal fan could be optimized. The level of complexity with which this system operates has increased with every model, and reached its ultimate with the Mid-2011 iMacs. Mass confusion and anger spread across the Internet once an inkling of what was going on was discovered, but so far I’ve seen no single, definitive explanation of exactly how the system works. I recently picked up the Samsung SSD seen above and decided that there was no better time to tackle this issue, since it would be one I’d have to deal with on my own iMac. Read on.

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Undoing Ordered Chapters in MKV Files on OS X

…aka “fixing fansubbed anime files so you can play them properly.”

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Colin’s 2010 MacBook Shootout

As I alluded to in a previous post, I recently picked up one of the current-gen white unibody MacBooks. Considering hardware is really my favorite part of computing (and technology in general), I figured a review was in order. And perhaps illustrating just how much money I give Apple each year, I figured that with three MacBooks in the house, I might as well offer my observations on the new machine as compared to the other two.

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The most awesome MySQL tool EVER

If you’ve read my walkthrough on getting WordPress running on OS X Snow Leopard (the client version, not Snow Leopard Server), then you’ll know that there’s some SQL queries I have you run through to remove the anonymous user and set a password for the root account. Sequel Pro, the tool I suggest using for this task, was recently updated and one of the features they added was a GUI user management tool. Very clean, simple interface and NO queries required! Sequel Pro is one of those tools that I appreciate more and more as I use it; it’s a seriously awesome app that makes doing cumbersome MySQL wrangling very easy. The app is free, but if you use it a lot you should probably kick those guys a couple of bucks to say thanks.

Copying OS X ColorSync display calibration files

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Apple needs to lose in order to win

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a big fan of Apple. All of my computers at home are Macs, I have an iPhone and have had more iPods than I can remember. I bought an iPad on launch day. I even collect rare vintage Macs, including the Color Classic and PowerBook 2400.

These days, though, Apple is losing me.

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Easy installation of WordPress on OS X

Strangely enough, there aren’t any simple, single-page walkthroughs of how to set up a complete WordPress installation on the client version of OS X. You have to bounce between several pages on how to enable PHP, install and configure MySQL, and install and set up WordPress. Having managed to figure it out once, I’m gonna do another install of it on my MacBook and document the process using as many GUI tools as possible (Sequel Pro is AWESOME). Hopefully I’ll have it all written up by the weekend; planning on posting it on Applefritter (as well as here, probably).

UPDATE: Damn, only took me like an hour to go through all the steps and document them roughly. Was able to pare down a lot of steps and nano beats the pants off of vi for file editing in Terminal. Took some screen shots too. Hopefully will get the polished guide up tonight.

UPDATE 2: Got the walkthrough posted on Applefritter, plan to eventually get it on here as well: